City of Austin CD Release, Cake Balls and Guitars Under the Stars

2/18/2010 Thursday 9:22 pm

Glenda and I went to the release party for the Austin Music Volume 9 CD that was hosted by the Gibson Show Room on South Congress Avenue tonight.  The Gibson Showroom is a fabulous space with Gibson guitars lining the walls.  The three main rooms provide an ample yet cozy atmosphere for social gatherings like the packed house we experienced tonight.  We were invited by my good friend Rose Reyes who is in charge of all things music in relationship to the City of Austin and the Austin Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.  Glenda and I first met Rose when I was scheduled to perform at a city council meeting several years ago (it was October 11th, one week after my birthday).  Officially I was playing in honor of Austin Classical Guitar Society day – proclaimed that evening by then-Mayor Will Wynn.  Rose had set the appearance up and was our gracious host when we arrived at city hall for the performance.  That evening, the Mayor proclaimed October 11th “Austin Classical Guitar and Matthew Hinsley Day” which tickled me to no end, and since I have called family and friends on October 11th to ask if they are, in fact, properly observing “Matthew Hinsley Day”.

I had no idea at the time that the future would hold far closer connection for Rose and I, as Rose has since become one of my greatest advocates and guides in the preparation to host the Guitar Foundation of America International Convention and Competition this coming June.  The bottom line is, that Rose knows everyone in the music world, is an incredibly astute professional, with a huge heart, and tremendous energy, and I am incredibly lucky that she has chosen to shine her bright light upon me this year as we prepare for this great endeavor.

Surprisingly, a highlight of our evening was meeting Ellen Kinsey, co-owner of Holy Cacao – a place that sells cake balls from a trailer here in Austin.  I’ve often seen these cake balls at Taco Deli (where I go for breakfast tacos after tennis a few times a week).  But Cake Balls and breakfast tacos just never seem to be the right mix, so I’ve never tried them.  Tonight Ellen was standing next to a table of complimentary cake balls and I told Glenda as soon as we saw them, that I would not leave the party without trying at least one.  We had been eyeing the red velvet, but only White Wedding Cake Balls were available when we finally got around to making a commitment.  have I mentioned that these are cake balls that come on a stick?  Oh my goodness!  They are incredible.  I highly recommend them.  I have already begun brainstorming ways in which we can work in Cake Balls for our myriad upcoming special events (not to mention the convention).  Way to go Ellen!

Speaking of special events… We are two days away from Guitars Under the Stars – our annual gala in support of the ACGS Educational Outreach Program.  This week has been filled with securing, picking up, organizing and arranging displays and packages for our silent and live auction items.  We have the best-ever auction for ACGS.  We also have a terrific guest list, a great line-up of performances, and tons of amazing news to report about the ed program.  So I’m experiencing the now-familiar combination of excitement and butterflies that I’ve had for 15 years whenever I prepare to present a major event.  This one is going to be great, I can feel it, though there is much work left to be done.  Let me say now, though, that much of that work has been, and will continue to be, done by other people!  They include April Long, my assistant at ACGS without whom nothing would get accomplished, our number one volunteer Paulina Soenen, our dear friend Ly Barrett who has graciously donated her considerable event planning skills to this endeavor, and, of course, my wife Glenda who is the brains behind many of our creative ideas and, this week, has even gotten behind the wheel for us on numerous occasions to get supplies and last-minute auction donations.  Thanks to you guys, thanks to our donors and our board, looking forward to Saturday!

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