Lecture this Friday

2/23/2010 Tuesday 9:28 pm

Today it snowed in Austin.  This is a rarity!  It caused many of my students to cancel their scheduled lessons.  In other words… a snow day!  After the “weekend” I just had, with our Gala, rescheduled lessons Sunday and Monday being, well, Monday… I was not complaining about having a few moments this afternoon and evening to collect my thoughts.  And those thoughts quickly turned to a lecture I’m giving on Friday morning at the UT School of Social Work’s annual conference downtown at the Doubletree Hotel at 10:20AM!

I’ll be there with my ACGS colleagues Travis Marcum (our director of Education) and Jeremy Osborne (asst. director of education) along with my dear friend Dr. Cal Streeter.  We are there to talk about classical guitar as a way to reach diverse populations through music.  One of my favorite topics indeed!  I’ll do mostly overview about the history of our ed program, the inception of the curriculum, and program implementation and growth, Trav and Jeremy will talk nuts and bolts about the curriculum and teaching itself, and Cal will review the $20,000 social impact study we hired the UT school of social work to conduct on our program last year – that he oversaw!  I hope the session will be informative for those who attend!

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