New Texas Young Master

3/9/2010 Tuesday 10:39 am

I’m extremely proud to announce that Vincent Turner, a 16 year old student of mine, has just become a Texas Young Master.  The Texas Young Masters Awards are given as a collaboration between the Texas Commission on the Arts and the Texas Cultural Trust and they award students in the arts who are in high school, up to $2500 every summer for three summers to advance their artistic study through travel, registration and equipment purchases.  The competition is very stiff and the awards are given to students throughout Texas in all disciplines: sculptors, dancers, musicians of different genres, etc.  The competition takes place every two years.  I’m extremely proud of Vincent, who has been working very hard and is a truly extraordinary talent.  Vincent has twice been in the international finals of the Youth Division of the Guitar Foundation of America competition and will be going out for it again in June.

I should say that two years ago I had another student win a Texas Young masters award: Thales Smith.  Its been a tremendous prize for him that he has really taken advantage of.  Not only has the money been helpful, he has also had chances to meet some really neat people and perform for great audiences in the course of the award.  While we’re at it, Thales won the GFA youth division in 2006, was on From the Top and, most recently, won the juniors of the American String Teachers Association National Competition, Guitar Division!

Its an amazing gift to work with such talented young people.  Congratulations to Vincent and family!

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