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3/12/2010 Friday 5:45 pm

Today was a race to the finish line indeed.  I think the excitement packed into today was a result, at least in part, of being out sick from Monday through Wednesday of this week, combined with the fact that we’ve decided to take spring break (next week) very seriously this year!  I have a full morning and early afternoon of teaching tomorrow, a special event tomorrow night, and then, apart from one lesson scheduled Sunday afternoon, I am checking out of the usual business obligations for a full week.

Today began on the tennis court at 7:15.  On the way home from tennis, I typically stop by Taco Deli on Spy Glass on the way home on Fridays to grab breakfast tacos for Glenda and I.  Today I had scheduled a meeting with William Gold, co-programming manager for the Alamo Drafthouse’s Dionysium (“get your THINK on”), for 9am at Taco Deli.  How convenient!  So after great tennis (Austin’s spring arrived this week bringing beautiful blue skies and great tennis weather!) I met up with William for breakfast tacos.  As an aside, breakfast tacos in Austin are getting big press this week, including a New York Times article on the subject that my dad emailed me.

William works with Dionysium at the Alamo which is a monthly variety show consisting of a debate, a presentation, live music, and maybe something else – or some combination of those things.  I had mistakenly assumed that we got connected because of our relationship with the Alamo and Master Pancake Theater developed for our giant international festival in June.  It turns out, however, that William has a 14 year daughter at one of the High Schools where our educational outreach program operates and one day, when he was visiting the school, he bumped into Travis Marcum, our director of education, and he became intrigued by the guitar playing that travis was directing.  So he quizzed Travis a bit about the program, learned about ACGS and our big festival, and that’s when he called to see if we might consider getting involved as musical guests on the variety show!

So, to cut to the chase, on Wednesday, May 5th, I’ll be the musical guest at Alamo South for Dionysium!  I’ll play, maybe rope another player in playing with me, and I’ll get to say a few words about ACGS, our festival, and, of course, the Alamo’s involvement!

I should also mention that, while we were having breakfast, Eric Wilkerson – co-owner of Taco Deli – happened to walk by.  I’ve been working with Eric to get Taco Deli involved  in lunch for our convention goers (we’re going to have mobile food vendors pull into the Long Center traffic circle to bring some of culinary Austin to our festival goers for lunch each day).  It was great to see Eric, and I got to introduce him to William.

After a quick trip home to clean up and answer something like 57 emails that had arrived overnight and that morning (alright, it wasn’t as quick a trip as I was hoping it would be – more like a mad fit of constant typing for an hour) it was back on the road to deliver prepared TV spots to our two TV media sponsors: KLRU and News 8 Austin.  At KLRU I met with development ace Chris Collins who gave me the big news of the day: KLRU has secured the funding to go ahead with our plans to make a 1 hour “In Context” documentary feature surrounding our international festival this summer!  I’m absolutely thrilled.

Then I shot down to the Long Center to deliver 3,000 festival brochures that the Austin Symphony Orchestra is stuffing into tonight’s and tomorrow’s programs!  Hooray.  Glenda and I are actually going to the symphony tonight.  Douglas Harvey is the cello soloist tonight – he’s amazing.

Back at the office April and I, along with our Friday (and any critical time we need him) volunteer Lloyd Pond put together the elements we need for tomorrow’s special event.  It will be a concert and reception at the lovely west Austin (Rob Roy) home of Lynn and Wayne Morgan featuring Adam Holzman – my mentor from UT!  Thales will also play a few tunes to start us off and I’ll do my usual routine of talking about ACGS and the upcoming festival.

Lot’s more is happening, but I can’t report news until its finalized!  Some great media contact is going on right now, though, which is just what we want in the last three months of our prep for the fest.  I completed an interview and submitted photos for an Austin area magazine this week for their May-June issue, among other things.

…so, now it’s off to the symphony, one more day of activity, and then we’ll buzz out to our friends who have a lovely home on Lake Travis and have drinks on the deck by Sunday before sundown.  No firm plans to come back just yet…

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