Back in Action

3/24/2010 Wednesday 9:30 pm

Glenda and I enjoyed a marvelous spring break last week.  We spent one relaxing night with our friends Mike and Linda on Lake Travis, we cooked Veggie Korma with Manjula on You Tube (I highly recommend cooking with Manjula), we made a vegan meal for our friends Gordon and Charmaine, and generally enjoyed our home, each other, and our wonderful city.

I don’t sit still very well, so there was work – to be sure – but it was at my own pace.  The biggest news is that I completed a draft of the Strategic Plan I’ve been guiding Texas Choral Consort on.  Its a process we began in October: prelim meetings, a board retreat, a series of constituent surveys, and now the draft and approval process.  I’m extremely pleased with how its turned out and I’ve gotten great feedback from the team.  One of the critical things that we’ve heard, that might be of interest to someone who has not done strategic planing before, or who is considering doing it, is how much people appreciate being asked what they think.  People have been really pleased to be included in the planning process – even the groups we talked to who are former participants, were delighted to be asked for their input.

I also made some headway in my research, preparation and broadcast of my book proposal to prospective literary agents.  This is the book I wrote last year called “Art and Community: How to Build Nonprofit Arts Organizations.”  Speaking of books, though, my children’s guitar book sold 14 copies to the Cosgrove Guitar Studio today!  Here’s a video Matt Cosgrove made last fall of his young daughter playing an early duet (Nocturne) from the book on you tube!  Matt does fantastic work.

And while I’m on videos, I was tickled to see this video of a group of university students performing Waverunner, also from the book, last fall as well.  They are under the direction of Sabine Madriguerra who is a terrific and dedicated educator north of us here in Texas at Collin County Community College.

So, we’re just under 3 months away from our giant international music festival.  Its nuts and bolts time.  This week April and I have been busy assigning volunteers to tasks, defining what those tasks are, taking a hard look at logistics and going over end-game PR strategies. In short, we’re firing on all cylinders!  We’re looking at everything from dates to play for kids at the Austin Children’s Museum in June to promote the festival kids’ show, to hanging banners and planning a manned welcome kiosk at the airport for travelers.  We are planning five huge receptions, countless other events.  The GFA just shipped the first draft of the 104 page program guide for the convention for proofing (Kim Kanoy is their graphics person, and she’s fabulous to work with).  I’m thrilled to announce that our youthfest, which suffered from some sluggish early registration, is up well beyond 150 kids now.  So they, along with parents and chaperones, will be present Tuesday through Thursday of festival week.  It seems as though everything is coming together!

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