What a weekend!

4/19/2010 Monday 8:22 am

Friday night Michael Fields hosted the ACGS staff, Lorenzo Micheli, and some friends at the great Austin restaurant Mirabelle.  This was following Lorenzo’s marvelous class from 3-6.  Saturday night was Lorenzo’s concert and it was magnificent.  What an artist!  I had taught that day from 9 to 1, and then relaxed a bit and practiced my little intro speech.  The speech focused on our upcoming festival, of course, pulling out some of the juicier bits like the Chancellor, the Mayor, the KLRU documentary, KMFA broadcast, the Alamo Drafthouse and, of course, free ice cream from Blue Bell!

I have been getting more than my fair share of positive feedback lately.  Its been an incredible gift to me for which I’m very thankful.  One of the people at dinner Friday night has a daughter who is studying guitar.  Her teacher is using my book and she apparently loves it.  He brought the book for me to autograph for her and we talked for some time about how she listens to the CD at night, and picks the pieces she wants to learn to play.  I have to say that I’ve had these exact comments echoed to me from other recently: one teacher told me about 3 weeks ago that since he’s started using the book, his students are practicing more without him even asking because they just like the music more than the stuff they were using before.  It’s incredibly gratifying.  Anyhow, the gentleman I met Friday night sent me, unsolicited, the following endorsement and I thought I’d share it:

“I strongly recommend Matthew Hinsley’s Classical Guitar for Young People.  I am the parent of an 8-year old who is in her 3rd year of classical guitar instruction.  The wonderful section of pieces in the book has served as a valuable supplement to the primary course material my daughter’s teacher uses.  The accompanying CD provided a welcome introduction to the collection and most importantly, motivation.  We played the CD as bedtime music and after just a few days, my daughter eagerly turned to the book to begin playing her favorites.  Congratulations to Dr. Hinsley for creating material that stimulates such passion for practicing.”

On Sunday, after a mediocre tennis day (grrr), I presented the final strategic plan to the board of the Texas Choral Consort.  Its been a wonderful 6 month process and I think folks had a great time.  It was my first time leading a long strategic planning process for another group and it was a great experience.  Again, just wonderful feedback including a lovely thank gift and a card that says: “Matt – Your help and leadership has been invaluable.  Thank you so much for the work you did – we hope to live up to the vision you helped us create.  Board of TCC”.

Then it was 3 more hours of teaching – – a UT student guitar major, a junior, who I’ve been teaching since he was 8, another UT student, electrical engineering major who is a freshman, who I’ve been teaching since he was 7, and a new student who is trying to learn guitar as her applied instrument she she can pursue a course of study at Texas State in recording engineering.  Its so fun to work with diverse and motivated people!

Glenda made an unbelievable meal last night, braised artichokes,  salade nicoise, prosecco.  Fabulous!

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