Lorenzo, Volcano, Victoria

4/22/2010 Thursday 5:33 pm

Well, the Icelandic volcano was felt locally by me and the Austin Classical Guitar Society this past week.  We were lucky, actually, that our Italian artist – Lorenzo Micheli – was able to fly in last Thursday and play a brilliant concert for us last Saturday.  Unfortunately for Lorenzo, however, there was no hope of him going home on Sunday with the flight cancellations to/from Europe!

So our amazing board member (and board treasurer), Mike Fields, graciously set Lorenzo up with a hotel room for the week in downtown Austin, since his next available flight out was not until Sunday the following Sunday (a few days from now)!  Above you see a picture of me and Lorenzo at breakfast this morning at Austin’s Cafe Crepe on San Jacinto and 3rd – a great place!

As luck would have, we got a call from the Executive Director of the Victoria Symphony (near Houston) on Tuesday asking if we might know of an emergency guitarist to play the Aranjuez Concerto for them this Saturday.  It turns out that their guest artist, from Croatia, had become stuck in Europe!  So, with a quick call to Lorenzo – who played the Aranjuez just a few months ago, and basically can play anything anyway – we were able to help out the Victoria Symphony with their problem while giving our stranded Italian artist a bit of employment and something else fun to do!

It’s been pure joy visiting with Lorenzo this week, he’s a remarkably gifted musician, with an incredible intellect.  Great food for the soul indeed.

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