Seriff, Micheli, Dempster, Bustos, GFA

4/25/2010 Sunday 10:20 am

We had a marvelous time last night at Carolyn and Marc Seriff’s lakeside home in Horseshoe Bay (Marc is one of the founders of AOL).  Their home is magnificent, the view out the window is so close to the water that you feel almost as if you are in a boat.  Their negative edge swimming pool melds into the water behind it, and Marc’s indoor full-size racquetball court (off of the living room and bar) made me want to strip out of my fancy duds, put on sneakers and grab a racquet immediately!

Carolyn and Marc had about 80 guests, mostly friends, but also family, including their grand-daughter Maya, and we put on a great show.  Marc gave an intro, then I talked about ACGS in general focusing on education and introduced Vincent Turner.  Vincent, a student of mine and superb 16-year-old player from New Braunfels, wowed everyone with Ponce’s Preambulo followed by the 1st and 4th movements from Koyunbaba.  Then following another spiel from me about our giant summer festival in June, my friend and colleague Isaac Bustos (who is nearly finished with his DMA at UT and is now a prof at Texas A&M) played an amazingly beautiful concert of about 35 minutes.  This was followed by desserts and wine and a nice chat.  We got home shortly past midnight.

Across Texas, Lorenzo Micheli was wowing about 1,000 people with the Aranjuez concerto with the Victoria symphony (see my earlier post about how that came about!).  He arrived in Austin around 2am and was up and functioning as his usual spritely self this morning at 8am when Glenda and I arrived to take him to breakfast and the airport for what we hope will be his long-awaited return home.  We had a marvelous time – again returning to dine at Cafe Crepe where we had a chance run-in with Doug Dempster and his wife Cathy.  Doug is the Dean of Fine Arts for UT.  We had a great chat, made introductions all around, and then tucked into some delicious breakfast crepes, followed by a nutella and strawberry crepe for the table.  Mm, mm, good.

Now its time for an hour in the garden before the Guitar Foundation of America board meeting which I’ll attend by phone (I’m on the board – chairing development – in addition to this year’s convention host).  Then this afternoon has 4 hours of teaching scheduled followed by dinner with our dear friend Kain and his great girlfriend Brandee – she’s hosting!

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