Waialua Soda and more!

4/29/2010 Thursday 7:50 am

Monday I had a great coffee with Ben Finklea – founder and CEO of the wildly successful internet marketing firm Volacci.  Ben and I met when the guitar society did a special event at the gorgeous west Austin home of Lynn and Wayne Morgan, who own the Austin School of Real Estate. Ben and I talked about many things, but focused on education at the guitar society and the future of GuitarCurriculum.com.  As an entrepreneur, and a marketing guy, and an internet guy, Ben had a mazing insights and it looks like he just might shine his bright lights on our education program going forward!

Tuesday held a meeting with my new favorite person in the world: Helena Escalante.  Helena is another dynamic individual I had actually met that evening at Lynn and Wayne’s.  She and I met again when she attended our Lorenzo Micheli concert and, through our talks, she offered to help us with out outreach to Austin Hispanic Community.  This has been a specific goal of ACGS for some time and she’s a perfect fit, plus she’s imminently capable and effective and amazingly generous.  So we had a wonderful meeting Tuesday with the Executive Director of Univision Luis P., and their Community Relations Director Fely G. and, in one meeting, we went from introductions to having a new media sponsor of our giant upcoming festival.  Thank you Helena!

Wednesday morning we garnered our first beverage sponsor for the festival: Waialua Soda!  I am so excited about this!  We’re working on some others, but the idea here is that we will be providing free drinks on the Long Center City Terrace for the opening reception of the festival.  So this is a great occasion for me to say thanks to the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau.  Rose Reyes and her team there are amazing!  They have been helping with all kinds of things as we’ve prepped this whole deal, and they’ve been incredible resources in finding prospective drinks donors among many other things.  Thank you Rose and Austin CVB!

$8,000 arrived from a Georgia Family Foundation on Monday – the same foundation that has been a supporter of our education program from the beginning.  We’re putting the finishing touches on our City grant due this week.  We had a marathon conference call yesterday with GFA to put the big wheels in motion about volunteers for the festival.  And I’m practicing wherever I can since my first of 5 concerts in 6 days begins Saturday night at the home of Tim and Karrie League (owners of the Alamo Drafthouse here in Austin).

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