Baked Alaska!

5/17/2010 Monday 8:58 pm

We had a great time with our dear friends Dan and Sandy this weekend (violin I and II of the Miro String Quartet).

Glenda decided it was a great opportunity to make mini-baked Alaskas!  If you’ve not had one, here’s the basic deal:

Soften ice cream and mush it into a saran-wrap-lined bowl, add a layer of pound cake, then more ice cream, then more pound cake.  Then re-freeze the whole thing.  Make meringue (whipped egg whites, cream of tartar, sugar).  Remove the bowls with ice cream/cake in them and turn them out, upside down, onto an oven-proof serving platter.  Cover them with meringue and bake for 5 minutes in a 450-degree oven.  Finish off with a kitchen blow-torch!

Here’s a shot of Daniel’s that he took before digging in!

And here’s a shot of Glenda as she’s preparing them!


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