Details and PR

5/17/2010 Monday 8:44 pm

Ah yes, details and PR seem to be the name(s) of the game for me these days.  With 5 weeks (yes, only 5 now) left before the giant festival it seems that we are chasing as much PR as possible – with the only limiting factor being the amount of time and effort we have each day to pursue it – and dealing with an incredible number of little and big details.

Excellent news is pouring in from all sides on the PR front.  Not all of which I’m at liberty to disclose at this time.  But since the great Austin Lifestyle Magazine article last week and the earlier News 8 interview a whole lot more has come into place!  There was a nice mention of the fest in last week’s Austin American Statesman’s XLent (thank you Jeanne Claire) along with a new nomination of one of last year’s concerts for an Austin Critics Table Award (Jorge Caballero and Friends).  Michael Gratovich volunteered to play at an annual employee retreat of National Instruments and for NI, along with many others, we’ve been offering employee discount options for tickets to the fest.  Today it was medical professionals among many others.  There’s really no end for outreach when it comes to spreading the word on events.  And it almost always returns.  So, print, TV and radio PR is rolling, and we continue to show up at events and talk or play or both while handing out literature while offering group discounts like crazy.  Oh, just today I got asked to speak and play at a breakfast meeting at UT Club on Wednesday morning June 2nd – the day after I do a talk and play at the downtown Rotary Club… so that kind of thing!

Which brings me to the other part of the post… details.  Details translates into emails!  I’m getting around 150 a day or so now, maybe more.  I wake up to 75 in the morning, and I dig out as fast as I can – which is often pretty fast.  And since I start at 6am, I generally don’t get too many back until 8 or 9.  But then they start coming in, and they often come in faster than I can send ’em back out!  April at ACGS has been amazing, though.  A vast number of things I’m able to send over to her, and some others in certain cases, and that’s the only reason there’s any semblance of order!  So huge thanks to April!

I haven’t said anything about what the details are… hmmm… event planning, sponsor details, comp tickets, planning travel, volunteer and staffing issues, that sort of thing.

So its not tremendously fun to write about, but its what’s for breakfast and lunch these days!

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