Friday Night

5/21/2010 Friday 10:59 pm

We’ve reached the end of another marathon week.  Now just over 4 weeks until our giant international festival.  I can’t believe it!

Some highlights from the week include: Met with the Executive Director of Emancipet, Amy Mills, today.  Total dynamo.  We traded stories and ideas for nonprof leadership, board development and more.  I spent 3.5 hours on a conference call listening to interviews for an Executive Director position a national org, that I serve on the board of, is looking for – fascinating!  Tennis has been great this week, even managed to get a few first serves in this morning!  I had a marvelous conversation with the director of the D’Addario Foundation for the Performing Arts – long time supporters of our efforts here at ACGS.  I got a check-in call from a member of the board of Texas Choral Consort – they are doing great since we finished their strategic planning process and he asked if I would help steer their nascent development committee – something I’m more than happy to do.  We went back to see our friends at Buckalew Media on Tuesday to record a Spanish Language TV spot to promote our fest on our new TV sponsor – Univision!  We lunched and plotted new internal financial controls for ACGS (exciting, I know!) in response to highly publicized sleazy behavior from a local nonprof exec who stole money and skipped town (Family Connections).  In a separate lunch we met a new prospective board member who may be joining us in July!  Both lunches were at Chez Zee – where I returned for a third time Thursday night for the launch party of the new Austin Lifestyle Magazine.  This is the ‘zine that kindly did a feature on our huge festival and an interview with me in their current issue… so I guess that’s how I snuck onto the guest list!  I had a great time meeting Associate Editor Dana Reinart who did my interview, Adam Fortner from Creative and Sons who does the fabulous magazine design, Editor Deborah Hamilton-Lynne, and publisher Shawn Lively.  What a team.

Tomorrow is my studio recital.  I’ve got about 22 kids playing so I divided it up into 2 shows!  I also had 2 new students start this week and some requests for more!  Things are a mile a minute, but all is well.

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