Happy 65th Birthday Dad

5/31/2010 Monday 9:19 pm

Well, we pulled it off this weekend.  Glenda, my sister Sarina, and I flew to Phoenix Friday, drove to Sedona where we stayed for a few minutes with friends (David and Ruth) of my dad’s, had David’s delicious margaritas, got cleaned up and headed to Daul and Daluca’s Italian Restaurant where we waited with “Happy Birthday” masks on for my unsuspecting father to arrive with his wonderful wife Vicky (who planned the whole thing with us).  They arrived at 6:30 and the host took them to the table next to ours and, just as they were about to be seated we blew our party blowers, stood up and yelled “surprise”!  Dad turned with one of those sour expressions on his face as if to say “why did we have to get stuck next to the loud table?”, and it took a good 3 seconds before he realized that the folks behind the masks were 2 of his three children along with his daughter-in-law, Glenda!

What followed was much laughter, joyous greeting, a delicious meal, lots of great conversation and a weekend together including a non-surprise birthday party on Saturday night, a visit to see my 89-year-old grandmother in Flagstaff (Jackie) on Sunday, much-needed time together and R&R and then a trip back today that began with a 7:30 departure by car from Sedona and a flight back to Austin this afternoon.

Here are some pictures from the visit:

Dad and I at the Party Saturday

Dad and Sarina - at the restaurant

My lovely wife Glenda, by Dad's pool

Surprise! Here we are with our masks on!

Glenda and I at the restaurant

Matt, Vicky and Dad - and champagne!

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