6/2/2010 Wednesday 9:40 pm

I had a blast yesterday and today delivering my new speech.  Yesterday I was at the downtown Rotary Club of Austin – a guest of Laraine Lasdon.  Also present was my dear friend, board member, and avid ACGS supporter John Henry McDonald (founder of Austin Asset Management Company).  Today – at around 7am, I spoke at the Metropolitan Breakfast Club of Austin at the UT Club – a guest of Jacqueline Rixen of RixenLaw.

Both days I gave the same speech, more or less.  At least the bones were the same.  I spoke about community service through the arts, the importance of nonprofit arts organizations in connecting art and artists to communities, the particular power of arts education and the deep impact arts can have on individuals.  I ended, of course, with an invitation to our giant international music festival which is now only three weeks away!

The speech was filled with more stories than statements or exposition.  I modeled it after one of our favorite Ted Talks speeches with Ken Robinson about creativity in education.  My delivery was really good Tuesday (at least I felt great about it).  Today was a little rocky to start with, but it smoothed out and I’ve gotten lots of really good feedback from both.

Here’s a picture of Joan Grable of New York Life, me, and Jacqueline at the Metropolitan Breakfast Club early this morning taken by photographer James Bland (that’s Bland…. James Bland).

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