Kaua’i Day 14 (The Kaua’i Ultimatum)

8/14/2010 Saturday 4:07 pm

Well it’s arrived.  We are just about to shove off into the sunset and back to Austin.  What an amazing time we’ve had.

Last night, as if we hadn’t eaten enough already, we decided to break into this incredible Dragon Fruit that we had bought earlier in the week.  It’s like a kiwi, except way better!

Isn't that cool lookin'?

...and inside its like a giant tasty kiwi! Juicy, sweet, little seeds, yum. I asked Glenda why we don't eat these all the time and she said something about "rare" and "special". Well they're delicious!

Kaua’i is beautiful this morning – and every morning:

A shot from our Lanai early today...

We managed to get breakfast in before packing and cleaning up…

Matty's "Kitchen Sink" Potatoes. This is what results when, in the fridge, you have half a tomato, a potato, a quarter onion, veggie oil, salt, pepper, cheddar cheese, and hot pepper flakes - all in need of being used up! Oh, and lotsa love!

Did I mention packing?

Here's the start of the pack-a-thon!

...and just like that... magic!

…and we’re off.  Here’s a shot, from about two minutes ago on the Lanai.  You can even barely see Glenda’s lovely flower lei.

Aloha everybody!

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