Back in action!

8/16/2010 Monday 10:24 pm

We’re back!  It feels good to be back.

Today was a whirlwind return to normal life – which is considerably quicker-paced than life on Kaua’i.

And even though we were mostly interested in Puka Dogs and snorkeling while there, several “businessy” things happened while we were away that are worth mentioning.

KLRU asked if we could meet today (that is, they asked 10 days ago if we could meet this morning) to do some final taping in our offices.  They are editing the documentary they made of our giant international festival – 32 hours of footage to be narrowed down into a 54 minute piece – and they had found the need for me to “frame” a few things to help with context and introductions.  So Ed Fuentes, the documentary’s director, came by the office today to film some segments, he also borrowed a guitar to take back to the studio with him for “credits” shots.  So if you ever see the documentary, you’ll know where the guitar came from!

Also while we were away, we asked if the Alamo Drafthouse would host our world-premiere viewing of said documentary on September 30th.  They will!  So I’ll be busily planning that event in the coming month – in addition to ACGS’ annual benefit concert to be held at Jeff and Gail Kodosky’s on September 18th.  That concert, incidentally, features my mentor from Oberlin – Stephen Aron (see a short performance and a neat interview with Steve here)!

Another fun email I received on the road was from my friend Bill Ash who runs the great St. Louis Guitar Society.  Bill asked if he could come down from St. Louis for lunch and visit about running festivals.  It will be really fun to brainstorm with Bill, he’s a neat guy with deep dedication to classical guitar.  He’ll fly in on Thursday the 26th and we’ll spend much of the 27th together.

Someone that I cannot wait to meet emailed me while we were on the road as well.  Louis Black – (not the comedian) founder of the Austin Chronicle and South by Southwest among other things!  Today was our big chance to meet since he’s traveling tomorrow like crazy (Boston, London, to name a few) until September 3rd.  Needless to say, we were not able to connect, but we will soon.  Not yet allowed to reveal what’s on his mind, but I look forward to sharing as soon as I can!

ACGS is deep into the newest phase of our curriculum development.  If you don’t know, we developed a curriculum product from 2005-2008 that has become a somewhat influential middle and high school classroom curriculum product around the US.  People are using it all over the place, but here in Austin it powers our affiliated programs reaching about 700 kids a day.  The next phase?  An online training component.  We’ll do it in three phases: write the text, film the video and make the schematics, and then build the product online.  We would like to finish “phase 1” really, really soon, but there is a lot of work to do.  A moment ago I finished two hours of solid writing on it, and on the plane home Saturday I wrote for three hours straight.  Its a fun and engaging, if not daunting project.  But we’ll knock it out!

So the pace appears to have picked right back up – much more on the plate for tomorrow.

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