From St. Louis, to Fort Worth to France…

11/22/2010 Monday 7:46 am

I’ve had a lot of fun telling people about my book lately.  After Kai Narezo of Guitar Salon International blogged about it I got an email from Chris Davis (Fort Worth) who has his own guitar blog asking is I would do a Skype video interview for his blog.  We’re doing it tomorrow at 11 and I’ll place a link once it’s up!

Then last night, my dear friend Benoit Albert (who is in a duo with Randall Avers called Les Freres Meduses) decided to place a notice of the book on his home page, in French!

And yesterday also, Bill Ash, my new friend who runs the St. Louis Guitar Society, sent me a letter of recommendation in response to getting notice of the book!  Bill and I met over email, in person at our giant international festival last June, and then he came down to spend a day with me and talk arts management earlier this fall.  I’ll let him tell the story:

Letter from Bill Ash

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