11/22/2010 Monday 8:06 am

Sunday was a big day, but two things we did really stood out.

For brunch we met some of Glenda’s high school friends who were visiting from Houston at Jaun in a Million.  We’d never been, but we’d heard about it, so we were excited to go.  There are several important things to know about Juan in a Million.  First, juan stands by the door and greets everyone in an out. Every man who enters or exits gets a Juan handshake which Juan begins well above his head with his right hand, and then comes smacking down onto the outstretched hand of the customer.  It’s a BIG handshake.  The place is packed, there are a lot of hands to shake and know matter where you are you can hear the loud “smacks” of customers getting the Juan handshake.

The other important thing to know is that the “Don Juan” taco is enormous. Here’s Glenda with the Don Juan.  Yes, that’s one taco!  It’s piled so high you can’t even see the tortilla beneath it!  Pure artistry…

Now THAT's a taco!

The next great thing to happen yesterday was Ethan Matthew’s recital. Ethan is a boy I’ve had the great pleasure to work with for 4 years now or so.  He plays beautifully, and this was his first recital.  They hosted it in their home (Brian and Leslee, Ethan’s parents) and invited their friends.  They live a good bit south of Austin in a idyllic place full of light and land.  Ethan did a tremendous job, I am very proud of him.

I like this picture for his concentration... and you can see the concert program in his mom's hand in the foreground!

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