Great Energy

12/4/2010 Saturday 1:28 pm

Friday began with a fantastic meeting – at Houndstooth of course, I’m starting to have dreams about their cappuccino – with Emily Marks, dynamic founder and leader of Girls Rock Camp here in Austin.  Emily and I meet from time to time to talk about education and nonprofit management issues and she had a few neat things on her mind she wanted to talk about with regard to expanding and enhancing service to the great kids she sees.

Then it was off to the Roaring Fork downtown in the Stephen F. Austin Intercontinental Hotel (where Glenda and I got married, Nov. 3rd, 2001, incidentally) for lunch with Chuck and the Executive Director of the Texas Commission on the Arts, Dr. Gary Gibbs.  Gary is preparing for the new legislative session in Texas, and we got to hear amazing stories of politics and music, and shared some stories of our own as well.  I also had a copy of my new book for Gary, so we talked a bit about that as well.

Then I took a quick shot over to the St. David’s Foundation where my friend Todd Waldron runs their IT.  Todd has been volunteering to capture high quality audio for our video shoots we’re doing this year for the ACGS online training program – so I was coming by to pick up a DVD from him to take over to the video editors.  While there I met a lady – Joy – who recognized me from my performance a few weeks ago at Leadership Austin!  And that was doubly funny because while I was in the elevator on my way out, another fellow recognized me from the Leadership Austin session I did last spring!  Small world.

I raced by to the office to meet Javier Jara, a masters student at UT in education who is now teaching in the schools for us.  We went over his contract and he told me stories about his teaching experiences so far.  He’s having a great time working with some kids from Mendez Middle School.  And at 4 I spent a long time on the phone with our friends at the web design and marketing firm FG Squared to talk through their proposal for redesigning  Whew.  I worked late last night, because so much of the week was spent talking instead of producing!

But I played too.  I had a terrific time at poker night with friends David, Brian, Jeff, Trey and Craig!

This morning I’ve been teaching, and will be again soon, but I just got a wonderful call from Harold Levy of the Toronto Classical Guitar Society.  I had gone up to consult for them about 18 months ago and it’s amazing what they’ve done in the interim.  Harold was calling me with the latest news, and their success and growth has me positively glowing!

Tomorrow should be fun… we’ll have brunch with our dear friend, guitarist and educator Kim Perlak.  Kim is phenomenal, and I wish we could see each other much more than we do.

Then Glenda and I get all gussied up for a trip to the Hilton downtown to see our friends Gordon and Charmaine at Austin’s Dancing with the Stars gala benefiting the Center for Child Protection.  Charmaine is actually one of the celebrity dancers at the event, so we’re preparing to clap and cheer loudly for her when she gets up there.

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