Ornament party

12/12/2010 Sunday 10:41 pm

Each year we go to our friends Fiona and Neal’s home for the annual ornament party.  The ornament party is named for the game that starts off the evening: we sit in a circle, after straws are drawn to see who goes first, the first person chooses a wrapped ornament from a basket.  There is one wrapped ornament for every person playing.  After the first person has chosen their ornament, and everyone present has ooohed and aaaahed appropriately, the second person chooses.  However, the second person can either pick an ornament from the basket, or they can “steal” the ornament from the person who has already gone.  And that’s where the trouble really begins!  It’s tons of fun, and over the years we’ve had many laughs – and gotten a great deal of fabulous and fabulously ugly ornaments to add to our tree.

We know Fiona and Neal because Fiona is in Glenda’s cooking club, a club that has been persisting, with 5 core women, for over 10 years now.  It’s a wonderful friendship they’ve developed: Fiona, Linda, Glenda, Sarah, and Nydia.  Here are three pics from the party:

That's Linda on the left, and our friend Julie on the right!

Nydia is on the left, our friend Mike is in the middle (married to Linda in the pic above) and Glenda on the right. They have each assumed their respective positions for the ornament game!

...and here's most of the gang! We had a tremendous feast with salad, roasted pork loin, agrodolce (a sauce made with olives - unbelievable - I had it on polenta), fresh rolls, green beans, Linda's spanokopita, Sarah's Poblano Rice Casserole, and for dessert, Nydia's Sweet Potato Cheese Cake. mm mm good!

Glenda and I emerged from the ornament game with two fabulous ornaments: a disturbingly lifelike Armadillo, and a levitating santa in a lotus position!  Perfect additions to our collection of eclectic ornaments!

And staying in the Holiday spirit... tonight (Sunday) Glenda and I made a Bourbon Cake with Raisins & Pecans (except we used Sherry instead of Bourbon). Here's the cake! We thought you'd enjoy a little shot of our ugly armadillo in the foreground too...

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