Winter Solstice Party!

12/24/2010 Friday 8:10 am

Glenda wanted to have a Winter Solstice Party this year.  In order to achieve this we had to, among other things, make a croquembouche.  “A croquembouche?” you say?  Yes, a tower of cream puffs decorated with caramel…  No Winter Solstice party would be complete without it:

The cream puff dough is made on the stove top. Boiling water and sugar with flour added, transfer to stand mixer and add one egg at a time... transfer to pastry bag and "pipe" each puff onto parchment-lined cookie sheets. That's what Glenda is doing here!

Here's a shot of pre-cooked and post-cooked puffs!

Our friends Mike and Linda came over to assist with the final Croquembouche assembly. Here Mike and I are risking our lives with scalding-hot caramel to painstakingly decorate the Croquembouche tower.

Croquembouche close-up! (still decorating)

Phase 1 (or 2, depending on how you think of it) of the Winter Solstice Party - officially from 5-7PM - was at, where else?, East Side Show Room! Here is Glenda with Mike and Linda at ESSR. We were soon joined by David and Emily Tietz, and later by our friends Kain and Brandee. Felt like a party! Mike is doing his grouchy face here, and also later, but he's really a big harmless teddy bear.

The party has begun (phase 3?)! In the foreground our friends Trey and Michele's son Kaden is eating a grilled cheese sandwich I made for him. In the back left you can see our table laid with the Croquembouche (of course) and various other goodies. On the right are Linda, Michele, and Emily - having Winter Solstice fun!

Mike is still grouchy-face, but Glenda, Trey and Brandee make up for it!

Kaden, still at the bar, is proudly showing his wind-up robot we gave him (right hand).

Michele, Linda and Glenda - having fun.

Kain (left) and David - relaxing on the couch...

...and finally we're nearing the end of the evening and it's time for Trey to get kaden's shoes on so they can go home and go to bed!

…good winter solstice party!  Since then Glenda’s sister Ann with her husband Kiet and three kids have come to visit.  They were driving (!) from southern California to Houston and stopped by to see us.  We had a whirlwind visit Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.  Things are quieter now, and Glenda and I will spend today and tomorrow having Christmas by ourselves, in our home, for the first time ever!  Then Sunday we’ll head to Houston too to see G’s family there.

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