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12/2/2010 Thursday 9:59 pm

Things are flying over here as always.  Take today for example!

My skype interview was posted online at Chris Davis’ Classical Guitar Blog!  It’s fun – check it out!  The interview is broken up into three segments – maybe 30 minutes total.  So more Matt than you might need!  But there was some fun discussion in there!

Eugene Sepulveda posted a lovely mention of my book on his blog too.

This morning I went to the incredible Houndstooth Coffee for a meeting over delicious cappuccinos with Soriya Estes, owner of Estes Audiology Clinics, and my board member Vada Dillawn (of Dillawn & Clark PR, Vada set up the meeting).  We talked about everything from hearing to music to ACGS and I think we’ve made a new friend!

Then I took and armful of my new books up to UT.  When I was walking into the music building I bumped into my dear friends Dan and Sandy from the Miro String Quartet!  After finals are over we’re going to get together.  The I stopped by and saw Bob Duke – brilliant music education mind and all around inspiring guy – to give him his copy of the book. Then I ran into Bob Freeman – former Fine Arts Dean – and gave him his copy.  I dropped off a copy for my guitar mentor from UT, Adam Holzman, and then went to see the Director of the School of Music: Glenn Chandler.  We had a terrific talk… and finally over to leave a copy for current Fine Arts Dean Doug Dempster.  Then it was off to the UT Club for lunch with my vice-president John Henry McDonald (founder of Austin Asset Management Company) who was hosting me and our guest Kendal Gladish.  Kendal is director of development and outreach for the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, her husband is Ken Gladish, former Austin Community Foundation Director and new Seton Foundation Director, and we were hoping she would consider joining our board!  Turns out she’ll more than consider!

While we were getting settled for lunch, Bob Duke walked into the club accompanied by Kristen Wolf-Jensen, professor of Bassoon at UT, and Robert Floyd, the Director of Texas Music Educators Association.  I had just had lunch with Robert last week!  So it was terrific to see him again, TMEA is an amazing organization and its operations include hosting the largest annual gathering of music educators (about 20,000+) in north america each year in San Antonio.

After lunch I gave my last copy of my book to the last person on my list for today: John Henry.  He’s such a huge part of how me and ACGS arrived at the point we are at today.

And then it was time to race home for appointments for the rest of the afternoon and evening.  But before those began I had to return the calls and emails that had piled up since 10 this morning… the most exciting was a call from Kai Narezo at Guitar Salon International of Los Angeles.  They had purchased the inside front cover full page ad for a guitar magazine… and they’d like to give it to us in support of our education curriculum!  I couldn’t believe it.  Thank you Kai and GSI!  Incidentally, Kai posted an interview with me not too long ago… and then was kind enough to put up a note about the publication of my book too!

So much more is going on, but it’s hard to keep up with it all.  Lunch Monday was fabulous, Chuck Lutke (our new development director) introduced me to Travis County District Clerk Amalia Rodriguez-Mendoza over lunch and we discussed our upcoming summer chamber music series.  Tuesday was lunch with Jim Rainbolt – Jim’s on our board but he is also Development Director for Austin International School.  We’re planning a big collaboration in presenting our French artist for January 22nd!  We will be reaching out to the French community and co-hosting a reception following the concert.

I am perhaps most excited right now about my meeting with Neeraj Bansal of Simversity.  We’re talking about ways we can use his online learning platform to take some of the courses we wish to offer online.  My head is spinning with the possibilities.

And finally, one of the many emails this morning really jumped out at me.  It was a note from French guitarist Thibault Cauvin.  Thibault played for us several years ago and was letting me know about some future travel plans that will bring him to the area.  He shared this link with me to a trailer about a documentary made about his recent Asia tour.  I found it inspiring.