I’m on KMFA tomorrow at 9AM for an hour!

1/26/2011 Wednesday 2:26 pm

I’ll be on KMFA Thursday (tomorrow) for an hour from 9-10AM to ptich for the KMFA Birthday Fund Drive!

Are you a fan of KMFA?  If you are, please tune in tomorrow and call in to the station and make a pledge of support.  KMFA is one of our great cultural treasures here in Austin, they are communication central for the arts and I love to support KMFA whenever I can.

I’d love to read the names of friends while I’m pitching on the air tomorrow!  So tune in, and make that quick call to support central Texas’ classical music radio station!

In other news, things are flying a mile a minute here.  Yesterday I was asked to return to the UT School of Social Work to be on a panel of nonprof EDs.  On the panel with me was Carolyn Schwartz of Health Alliance for Austin Musicians, and Michael Willard of Habitat for Humanity.  We presented and answered questions to a class led by Dr. Calvin Streeter, a dear friend at UT School of Social Work and the fellow who led the social impact study on our ed program in 2009.

Earlier in the day I had the distinct pleasure of having coffee with Colleen Cole, brilliant leader, “Mistress of Power” in charge of Austin’s Josco Products.  Colleen also happens to co-chair development for the Austin Museum of Art and is a huge arts fan in general.  Then today I had the distinct pleasure of meeting with JoAnn McKenzie – what a dynamo!  Read about her to believe it!  The amazing thing about both women, is how much they give back to this community, and how much they support the arts in Austin.

Much more is happening, of course.  Tomorrow, speaking of dynamos, I get to catch up with Dr. Michelle Schumann, ED of Austin Chamber Music Center.  The Friday I’ll be giving a lecture over at UT for the continuing ed program UT Forum.  I have 90 minutes to talk about guitar and community service…

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