Walnut Creek Elementary

2/9/2011 Wednesday 8:18 pm

I had fun several Wednesdays ago visiting Walnut Creek Elementary School and talking to the kids there for career day!

I talked to the kids about music and the guitar, of course, but we also brainstormed about ways - it being "career day" and all - that someone might be able to make money with music/guitar. The kids had lots of really great ideas!

I played for them too, of course. In all I visited 4 different classes. One bright boy in this class raised his hand and said: "I have a guitar too, but it doesn't look like your guitar... it's a... real guitar". To which I replied: "Oh yeah? What color is it?" and he said: "Red!"

One of the perks of going to an elementary school is that you get hand-made cards! I liked this one in which Ricardo wrote: "You are a good guitar". He handed it to me on the way out of his classroom!

Not to bring the mood down or anything, but it was ironic that my visit to Walnut Creek came on the same day that it was announced the school budget would call for the closure of 9 elementary schools in our district in the coming year.  Since then, of course, far more cuts of various kinds have been announced.

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