2/14/2011 Monday 10:19 pm

My book is at Bookpeople!  Hooray.  In fact, right now, if you walk into Bookpeople it’s on the “whale” right at the front of the store.  “What book?” you say?  My new book: Creativity to Community: Arts nonprofit Success One Coffee at a Time.

But before I say more about that, let me say a few words about life as of late.  Lessee.  Saturday night (Feb 12) was our gala, Guitars Under the Stars.  My early estimate is that we raised close to $90K Saturday for ACGS Educational Outreach – that’s a lot for our organization and more than 5X the largest amount we’ve ever raised before.  The night was great, people have been flooding my in box and voicemail with thanks and great reviews… we had a VIP reception, appetizers, full bar, passed wine, dinner, $100 glasses of champagne with chances to win a carat diamond valued at $4K (won, incidentally, by Tim and Karrie League of the Alamo Drafthouse!) a concert and much more.  We had about 260 people and we had a great time.  Far, far more to report but you can imagine that the past few weeks have been filled with a fair amount of prep for that evening.  Wednesday (this week) I head to Boston to talk for New England Conservatory/NorthEastern Univ./Longy School of Music about community arts advocacy.  Next weekend I’m playing a concert in Austin to benefit the SIMS Foundation.  The weekend after is our presentation of Xuefei Yang on our international Series, and then I’m off to Washington DC to judge a competition and do some consulting for a nonprof there.  In the middle we launch two new series: Classical Cactus, our new partnership with the Cactus Cafe which debuts this Thursday (we’re live on the radio with John Aielli on KUT 90.5 tomorrow, Tuesday, at 11am!), and then on Saturday Feb 26 our other new series Austin Guitar Salon debuts in Historic Home: a partnership with Antonelli’s Cheese Shop, Twin Liquors and the Heritage Society of Austin!

OK, back to the main subject of this post, my new book at Bookpeople:

When you walk into Bookpeople, here's the "whale" you pass just as you come in - do you see anything familiar?

And there it is! My book... right next to all those other... books!

It’s very exciting to see the book in the store.  I hope lots and lots of people buy copies!  Soon I look forward to reporting my book reading and signing time – should be in late March!

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