Just the biggies

2/28/2011 Monday 9:48 pm

My last post was two weeks ago – Valentine’s Day!  The gala had just happened, wow what a ride that was.

So much has happened since I don’t know where to begin – so I guess I’ll just stick with the biggies!

Boston: I went to Boston on Wednesday the 16th.  I was there the give a public address presented by New England Conservatory, the Longy School of Music and Northeastern University on the subject of Community Arts Advocacy.  I gave the talk Thursday and a workshop Friday.  My hosts Eliot Fisk and Zaira Meneses were incredible, I met many amazing people including the President of New England Conservatory, and the response to the talk and workshop were amazing!  I took a train to Connecticut to visit my sister for 16 hours, then into New York to reconnect with my college friend Justin Hines – a phenomenal percussionist living in New York City.  Justin was playing a show at the Park Avenue Armory on Sunday afternoon with 99 percussionists including Eighth Blackbird (an incredible new music ensemble – also college friends).  There were 1,000 people.  It was fabulous.  And then I was on a 6am flight from La Guardia Monday morning the 21st heading back to Austin!

Classical Cactus: While I was in Boston, ACGS debuted our new series Classical Cactus to a standing room only crowd at the Cactus Cafe at UT.  The series is a partnership with KUT and the Cactus Cafe!

Austin Guitar Salon: The this past Saturday we debuted another new series: Classical Guitar Concerts in historic homes with wine and cheese receptions!  it’s a four-way collab with Antonelli’s Cheese Shop, Twin Liquors, ACGS and the Heritage Society of Austin.  It was sold out too!

SIMS Foundation: The Sunday I played a house concert in Hyde Park at the gorgeous home of greg and Suzee Brooks as a benefit for the SIMS Foundation.  I’m a big fan of SIMS (they provide mental health and addiction recovery services for Austin musicians).  I saw many friends there including my friend, and fabulous Austin musician David Garza!

Xuefei Yang: Our International Concert Series continues this weekend with the return of Xuefei Yang.  She arrives tomorrow so this week holds a bit of media and prep for the big night!

So those are the biggies!  Much, much more is happening.  It seems I get to the end of each day and have trouble remembering all of the cool things that happen and the amazing people I get to work with and talk to.  It’s an exciting time, that’s for sure, and we’re laying the groundwork now for some really big things I’m super excited about.  The first is our monumental online teacher training program and the second is a huge opening night event for our concert series next year on October 1st at the new ACL Moody Theater (2,700 seats) in collaboration with KLRU, AISD, and much more – I’m calling it “Austin Pictures”.  So stay tuned!

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