Summer is here!

6/11/2011 Saturday 9:09 am

What a week!

Today is Saturday, June 11th.  At 4PM and 7:30 Pm we have two concerts to open our summer series: Pasión.  But let’s back up a bit!

Monday began at 5am with a trip to the Mexican American Cultural Center to play on the TV for YNN!  I dragged the Lyriko guys: Tom Echols and Steve Kostelnik to play with me!  Here’s two video clips from the TV story.  I had a wonderful lunch with Joe Williams, who is not only composing our piece for our giant Austin Pictures project in October – but will also be joining our staff at ACGS in the fall – hooray.  More on that soon.  Monday night was the sold-out kick-off dinner and concert for our Summer Series at La Sombra Bar and Grill.

Tuesday we had a wonderful meeting at Silicon Labs.  They will sponsor Austin Pictures!  More on that soon as well.  Wednesday began with a run down to KMFA where four McCallum Students were playing for a “kids producing kids” project that KMFA is running – they had asked us to provide some young artists for the show!  That was followed by one of my favorite parts of the whole week: a planning meeting with Tom Echols, Travis Marcum and Jeremy Osborne – and Chris Lee via skype – for our summer curriculum development plans.  It was incredible talking with those guys about our big summer plans.

Yesterday was fun, and included a trip to KUT where Rene Izquierdo played live on the radio.  Hear the show online here!  And last night we ended up with Rene, Edel, and some friends at North By Northwest in the Arboretum just visiting and having fun – today, as I mentioned above, is there concert(s) at 4 and 7:30.

I’ll try to get some pics from the week up soon.

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