6/19/2011 Sunday 7:50 pm

On Tuesday last week I was in Dallas to give a talk about in-school guitar curriculum. When I arrived, this group was performing on stage. These kids were all in the giant, 72-person New Mexico All State Ensemble I conducted in January! Seeing them again, and hearing them play was super emotional.

While in Dallas I got to spend time with my dear friend and colleague John Truitt. John founded the amazing guitar program at Albuquerque Academy in 1972 - and is retiring this year. Congratulations John, you are an inspiration.

A few months ago Glenda and I finally went down to Juan in a Million here in Austin to try out their amazing breakfasts - and to witness Juan's famous handshakes. On both scores we were duly impressed! One characteristic of Juan's breakfast tacos, is that they come with a mound of eggy-potatoey goodness piled on top of each tortilla. Not sure what inspired us today - but we decided to make our own version! Glenda even broiled and peeled some Rajas which we sliced on top for garnish!

Hey, that's me! With our tacos this morning!

I also wanted to share a shot from our opening-night dinner at La Sombra. Here I am with Chef Julio introducing one of the courses. This was back on Monday night, June 11th - we were sold out with 90 guests, had a marvelous 5-course meal, and then were treated to an excellent concert by Isaac Bustos.

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