Arts Administration and Consulting

Dr. Matthew HinsleyNamed Public Citizen of the Year in 2017 by the Austin Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, and winner of a 2015 Austin Under 40 Award in the Arts & Entertainment Category, Dr. Matthew Hinsley has cultivated his interest in developing nonprofit arts organizations based on the belief that great art holds the potential to provide tremendous benefits for all members of our society. Arts organizations are the entities that support art and artists and connect our communities to the power of great art be it through museum exhibits, concerts and theatrical performances, special programming for underserved communities, or educational services. Only where there are great arts organizations, are there are great artistic communities and philanthropic support for the arts. Dr. Hinsley believes that the key to enhancing our culture through art, and increasing the relevance of great art in our society, rests firmly with developing strength and best practices in our arts organizations.

Dr. Hinsley has spent a great deal of energy trying to understand what makes some organizations succeed and others stagnate or fail, and, as Austin Classical Guitar has risen to become one of the most successful entities of its kind, more and more people are asking him how it can be done elsewhere.

Dr. Hinsley wrote a book on the subject entitled Creativity to Community: Arts nonprofit Success One Coffee at a Time.   Buy it online here! The book explores foundational principals of successful nonprofit arts organizations; early-stage organizational and board development; Mission, Vision and Strategic Planning, volunteer management; writing, speaking, PR and marketing; development and fundraising; managing growth; establishing office and business practices, and much more.

Creativity to Community: Arts Nonprofit Success One Coffee at a Time.

Over the years Dr. Hinsley has consulted for many organizations including Line Upon Line Percussion, International Conservatory of Music, Austin Chamber Music Center, Panoramic Voices, Lights Camera Help, Girls Rock Camp Austin, The Tulsa Guitar Society, Inside Out Steel Drum Program, the Tucson Classical Guitar Society, the Boston Classical Guitar Society, the Cleveland Classical Guitar Society, and the Guitar Society of Toronto. Hinsley has served on committees of the Austin Chamber Music Center, is a member of the Advisory Council of Texas Choral Consort, the SIMS FOundation, Salon Concerts and is the chair of the Development Committee of the Board of Trustees of the Guitar Foundation of America. As Executive Director of the Austin Classical Guitar Society he has raised well beyond $3,000,000 in support of broad programming and has developed services ranging from major concert event presentation to performance outreach, educational outreach, lifetime learning opportunities, and much more.

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