Performance and Scholarship

Dr. Hinsley is Lecturer at The University of Texas at Austin where he teaches Foundation of Arts Management, and Arts Administration & Community Service.

Dr. Hinsley has written many articles along with three books. His children’s method book: Classical Guitar for Young People is in broad usage throughout the United States and beyond. Creativity to Community: Arts Nonprofit Success One Coffee at a Time is a guide for community-based arts organization leadership and management. Most recently Dr. Hinsley has begun writing a fantasy series entitled Tinder & Flint.

After attending the Interlochen Arts Academy, guitarist and tenor Dr. Matthew Hinsley obtained his Bachelor of Music Degree from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music at age 20, and his Master of Music two years later from the University of Texas at Austin, where he also completed his Doctor of Musical Arts in 2003.  Hinsley’s primary guitar instructors were Stephen Aron and Adam Holzman.  A recipient of numerous performance-based awards, and an active performer, he regularly gives concerts throughout the United States.  Dr. Hinsley has premiered many new works including a collection of five songs written for him in 2002 by Jonathan Kulp on poetry of Emily Dickinson.  In his program notes for the Dickinson songs the composer wrote: “Knowing Hinsley’s considerable abilities as a guitarist/singer, I felt free to write fairly challenging parts for both guitar and voice with full confidence that he could pull it off, and he does so with an ease that takes one’s breath away.”