Quotes about Classical Guitar for Young People:

In this revolutionary method for introducing young people to the classical guitar, Matt Hinsley has struck on a brilliant formula: to have students become MUSICIANS from their very first notes.  With intelligently sequenced pieces and clear instructions to the teacher, Hinsley deals with important issues of technique, tone and musicianship, all with an innate understanding of the young person’s unique challenges and capabilities. He carefully avoids the pitfall of overwhelming the student with too much information, but focuses instead on the joy and personal expression of music-making. I hope many young players have this method as their first experience with the guitar!

– William Kanengiser, Professor of Guitar, University of Southern California

Dr. Matthew Hinsley, Executive Director of the Austin Classical Guitar Society, is a leading young pedagogue and advocate of the Classical Guitar. His work in developing a working curriculum for the public schools of Austin is seminal to bringing a higher level of guitar playing to guitarists throughout central Texas.  His private studio already boasts a group of extremely gifted young award winning guitarists that would make any teacher proud.  I am excited about the publication of his text and will look forward to seeing its rewards in the young performers of the future!

– Adam Holzman, Professor of Guitar, University of Texas at Austin

Since presenting the contents of this book in my studio, a measurable increase in my students’ ability to play beautiful and expressive music was observable. Hinsley’s approach and consistent use of musical directives not only encourage students to have positive emotional associations to music, but also assist students to transfer information from one musical context to the next. I plan on using this book in the future to help my students meet their needs, and when applicable, in a music therapy settings to help clients achieve their goals.

– Jeremy Coleman, guitar teacher and music therapist, Houston, TX

Classical Guitar for Young People is one of the most sound and cleverly devised books of its kind.  From a pedagogical standpoint, Dr. Hinsley takes the student trough a carefully conceived series of steps necessary for one to build a solid technical foundation.  Moreover, the composition selections, between proven standards and creatively-conceived originals, are both strong in pedagogical value and musically engaging.  The advice on practice and technique is practical and easy to understand.  This book should be essential to the collection of any serious teacher of the classical guitar.

– Dr. Andrew Zohn, Professor of Guitar, Columbus State University